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7th Avenue North Reconstruction Project

                   Mille Lacs County is partnering with the City of Princeton for                                                      improvements to CSAH 4 (7th Avenue N)
               Working Hours:  The contractor is permitted to work between 7:00 am and 7:00 pm Monday through Friday and between 8:00 am
                                                                                 and 5:00 pm on Saturday (may be subject to change)

•    Reconstruction of CSAH 4 - this will include constructing a new two-lane roadway with parking and sidewalk on the east side.
•    Full replacement of sanitary sewer - sanitary sewer is currently in need of full replacement due to condition of existing pipe, the City has spent time and resources over the last several years repairing sewer leaks. The new sanitary sewer main will be upsized to accommodate future growth.
•    Full replacement of water main - The existing watermain is currently a 6" pipe and needs to be upsized to an 8" pipe in order to meet the demands and fire protection for the City. Residents living on 7th Avenue N will be receive a temporary water service while the utility construction is underway.
•    Removing the skewed intersection at Rum River Drive - the new intersection will connect at Rum River Drive as a perpendicular intersection to improve the safety of the intersection.
•    Construct new roundabout at the intersection of Rum River Drive and 12th Street N - a mini roundabout is proposed in order to improve the safety and operations of the intersection during both peak and nonpeak hours.


Updated construction schedule:
Friday 7/12 – Contractor is reworking the soils in and around the intersection of 7th Ave N and 12th St N to meet the compaction requirements. They are also testing the watermain to check for leaks.
Monday 7/15 – Work will be focused on installing the sanitary sewer service to the Intermediate School as well as working on soil compaction at the intersection.
Tuesday and Wednesday (7/16 and 7/17) – Sanitary and water services will be installed and connected to the properties on 7th Ave N, between 11th St N and 12th St N. Once these connections are made, the homes will be taken off of temporary sewer and water and services to these homes will be considered live.
Thursday and Friday (7/18 and 7/19) – Contractor will begin the storm sewer at the roundabout, some storm pipe will continue down 7th Ave N, generally on the east side of the road. Depending on the delivery of the storm sewer materials, this work may start as early as Wednesday.

Once the storm sewer is completed at the intersection of 7th Ave N/ 12th St N, the contractor will begin grading the street for the roundabout construction.
Once this occurs, the pipe crew will move to the south end of the project to install sanitary sewer, watermain and storm sewer, and will work from south to north to connect at 11th Street. 

Please take note that this work will include 2 separate road closures at Rum River Dr/7th Ave N.
The first closure is anticipated for July 22nd and will only be for a few hours while the street pavement is removed, the second closure will be close to a week while the utility crossings take place. Further information will be provided as the schedule is determined. 

7/8/2024 -

Construction this week will continue on 7th Ave and will take place mostly between 11th Street and 12th Street.
Last week, the installation of sanitary sewer did not go as quickly as anticipated. Today, July 8, crews will be finishing the sewer installation on 12th Street in front of the school.
Starting Tuesday, July 9, the contractor will be starting on the water main installation on 7th Ave. They will start down at 11th Street and moving north towards 12th Street. They will be working in the same order as the sewer installation. This work will take up the better part of the week, and access to this area will remain closed to traffic.
Looking ahead, work will include the storm sewer installation in the roundabout, followed by the excavation of dirt and hauling in of gravel to begin the street construction. We are still on schedule to have the roundabout opened to traffic before school starts. More detailed information on this schedule will be provided as the project progresses.

6/28/2024 - 
This week the contractor completed the installation of new sanitary sewer on 7th Ave N from 11th Street to 12th Street N. Trenches will be closed up for the weekend and the roads should be passable.
Next week will be a three-day work week. No construction will take place on July 4-5.
On Monday, July 1, the contractor will be installing sanitary sewer on 12th Street N. They will start with the sewer to the east of 7th Ave N (in front of the school), and then will move to the west side 7th Ave N and install sewer just past the first driveway on the south side.
They will finish up on Wednesday, July 3, and close all trenches for the long weekend. 
Due to the depth of the sewer, there will be no access to thru traffic at the 7th Ave N and 12th Street intersection.

6/20/2024 - Next week's construction activity is as follows:

  • Today (June 20), a bank of temporary mailboxes was placed on 6th Avenue N between 11th Street N and 12th Street N. Residents whose mailboxes are currently impacted by construction have been notified of the temporary location where they are to be pick up mail until further notice.
  • Friday (June 21) is trash collection day for most. Continue to put your trash can down at the end of the driveway and the contractor will assist in getting it where it needs to be should access be blocked during pick up. We ask that residents put their house number on the can using duct tape so that we can assure the can is returned to the correct address.
  • Starting Monday (June 22), the contractor will be installing a watermain isolation gate valves in three different locations which will result in a temporary water shut off for approximately 2 hours. Residents who are impacted by the water shut off should have received notice today via a door hanger.
  • On Tuesday (June 23), the contractor will begin installing the deep sanitary sewer, and will be starting at the intersection of 11th St N/ 7th Ave N and will be moving north towards 12th Access between 11th St and 12th St will be completely closed down. If you have a driveway on 7th Ave between 11th St and 12th St, please have your vehicle out before 7AM.

6/14/2024 -
The intersection of 7th Ave N and 12th Street N will be closed for construction starting Monday June 17th. Work will begin with general removals.
Starting the week of June 24th, select homes will be put on temporary water as utility work starts. Property owners will be notified prior to being connected to temporary water. This work will include some temporary water shut offs while connections are made.
Additionally, the contactor is working with the post office to determine the placement of temporary mailboxes. Property owners who will receive mail at a temporary mailbox location will be notified prior to this taking place.

6/12/2024 - The current schedule anticipates for the following:
1.  Private utility relocations will begin on June 13th. Princeton Public Utilities have recently been onsite relocating their utilities and will continue to do so over the following week.
2.  The project will be constructed in two phases:
  • Phase 1 will consist of the reconstruction of sanitary sewer and watermain between 12th Street and 11th Street. Once the utilities are completed in the intersection, the contractor will begin the construction of the roundabout at 12th Street N in order to have the intersection open for the start of school.
  • Phase 2 will include the utility construction from the south end and moving north to 11th Street, followed by the street reconstruction.
  • Important items to note:
    • Construction staking is currently underway at the north end of the project. Please do not pull stakes they are necessary for the current construction schedule
    • Removal limits will be marked in the field soon; this will include driveway limits, bituminous street limits, trees, etc. The removals will initially be limited to the north end of the project.
    • Removals will begin the week of June 17th, please anticipate the intersection of 7th Ave/12th Street to be closed during this work.
    • The contractor will soon begin to connect properties to temporary water until the new watermain has been installed and the services have been reconnected and tested. More detailed information will be provided prior to this work taking place.
    • Property owners immediately impacted will be contacted soon to obtain a right of entry to their property. The project includes connecting the existing sanitary sewer and watermain services to each property. The connection will take place right at the property line, which means that some construction activity will be taking place on private property. The right of entry allows the contractor to make this connection at the property line; should we not receive a signed right of entry, the sewer and water connections cannot be fully replaced to the property line.
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Will I always have access to my driveway? 
Due to the nature of construction, there will be times during the day when you may not be able to access your driveway due to utility work, street paving, or other work. Following concrete curb or driveway repair work, access may be unavailable for up to 7 days while the concrete cures. Residents will be provided as much notice as possible when these situations occur. We encourage you to sign up for construction updates so you are aware of construction activity that may affect you. 

Can I park on the street? 
During construction, we ask that all residents refrain from parking on the street. There are certain construction activities, i.e. curb replacement, where you may be required to park on the street. We will notify you prior to curb placement and let you know where you can park. 

Will delivery or removal service be disrupted (mail service, UPS/FedEx/Amazon and garbage service)? 
The City will coordinate with the Post Office, delivery services, and garbage service during periods of limited access. 

Where will I be able to pick up my mail? 
During construction, the contractor will set up a temporary mail box location. Mail boxes will be reinstalled at the completion of the project. If preferred, residents can rent a PO box or have their mail held at the post office. 

How will the school bus pick up my children? 
The majority of the utility work will occur while school is not in session. Street work will occur in late summer/early fall, and the City will coordinate with the bus company to determine if an alternate pick-up location is required during construction. If a new location is required, the affected residents will be notified. 

Will the areas of my lawn that are disturbed be replaced? 
Areas where grass is disturbed the contractor will place seed and spray hydro mulch to reestablish turf. Once the seed and hydro mulch is placed it will take up to 2 weeks for the seed to germinate and 4-7 weeks for grass to grow depending on weather and moisture. 

How are landscaping features, lawn irrigation systems, and pet fences dealt with during construction? 
Due to the depth of construction, there can be significant impacts to 
the right of way in front of your home. We ask that you locate sprinkler heads, sprinkler lines, and pet fences. 

Will my water and sanitary sewer services be replaced? 
Water and sewer services will be replaced. Temporary water lines and sewer lines will be installed during construction. Water service may be shut off for a temporary period of time, residents will receive a 24 hour notice prior to any planned shut off occurring. During connection of the new services, the contractor may need access to your home to locate the service connection. 

7th Avenue North Infrastructure Project - Small Cities Development Program Grant:
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