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The Princeton Police Department maintains a Key Holder List for local businesses. To ensure that we have new or updated information for your business, please contact the Police Department at 763-389-4879 during normal business hours or drop us an email. There is also a lockbox program being utilized by the Princeton Police and Fire and Rescue Departments. For information please contact the PFRD at 763-389-2040 and leave a message for Fire Chief Lawrence.


The Princeton Police Department asks that you observe proper safety procedures by locking your residences and vehicles at all times. This not only increases safety, it prevents crime. If you would like your property watched while you are away for extended amounts of time, please fill out a request form and drop it off at the police department.  A form can be printed out by clicking this link: Security Check form

Identity Theft
In today's electronic age, identity thieves can easily, and sometimes legally, tap into your personal information with just a click of the computer mouse. A few bits of personal data are a gold mine for information crooks looking to steal your identity. An impostor using personal information like your address, birth date, Social Security or credit card number, can acquire phony credit cards, private phone lines, siphon money from your checking or savings account, get a mortgage and even give you a criminal record.

Identity thieves may rummage through trash searching for discarded account statements, pre-approved credit card offers or credit receipts, search public records for your address, and even rob your mailbox. Thieves use this knowledge to obtain credit cards, get wireless or phone products and services, obtain loans and mortgages, get a job, and commit other types of fraudulent or even criminal acts, in your name, leaving you responsible for the consequences.

Personal Safety
 leave your full name on your mailbox or voicemail.
 open your door before seeing who is there.
give personal info to phone solicitors.
 leave your schedule of times gone on voicemail.
know your neighbors, and who you can trust in an emergency.
use caution when using ATMs.
ask repair personnel for photo ID, and call business if not satisfied.
have a friend with you when upset or intoxicated.

Sex Offenders
The Princeton Police Department participates with the MN Bureau of Criminal Apprehension in the Sex Offender Registration Program. All level III predatory offenders can be located by checking the BCA website.  Any questions may be directed to our Sergeant.