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City Council

Due to Covid-19, the City Council meetings will not be held City Hall, but done via ZOOM. If you wish to have something discussed during the Open forum, or wish to make any comments, or ask any questions about the agenda items, please submit them to City Hall via email by 6:45pm. You can send them to If you would like to make comments or ask questions during the meeting, please contact City Hall with your phone number and you will be called during that portion of the meeting. The meeting will be live streamed to the City's YouTube page since not everyone may have a Facebook account. The link to the City's YouTube is as follows:

The agendas and minutes for City Council meetings can be accessed by clicking on the links to the left. The agendas for an upcoming meeting are generally posted a day or two prior to the meeting.  Minutes are posted on the website after approval.


Due to the possibility of unauthorized modification of electronic data, errors in transmission, HTML browser incompatibilites, and other aspects of electronic communication that are beyond our control, information contained in the Princeton website should not be considered suitable for legal purposes. Information may have been updated since the last modification of this site. Contact the department that maintains the file to verify accuracy.


02/25/21 Regular Meeting Packet      
02/11/21 Regular Meeting Packet       Minutes      
02/04/21 Study Session Packet       Minutes      
01/28/21 Regular Meeting Packet       Minutes      
01/14/21 Regular Meeting Packet       Minutes      
01/07/21 Study Session Packet       Minutes      

12/29/20 Special Meeting Packet       Minutes      
12/22/20 Regular Meeting Packet       Minutes      
12/10/20 Regular Meeting Packet       Minutes      
12/08/20 Study Session Packet       Minutes      
12/03/20 Study Session Packet       Minutes      
11/24/20 Regular Meeting Packet       Minutes      
11/12/20 Regular Meeting Packet       Minutes      
11/05/20 Regular Meeting Packet       Minutes      
10/22/20 Regular Meeting Packet       Minutes      
10/08/20 Regular Meeting Packet       Minutes      
10/01/20 Study Session Packet       Minutes      
09/24/20 Regular Meeting Packet       Minutes      
09/10/20 Regular Meeting Packet       Minutes      
09/03/20 Study Session Packet       Minutes      
08/27/20 Regular Meeting Packet       Minutes      
08/21/20 Special Meeting Packet       Minutes      
08/13/20 Regular Meeting Packet       Minutes       Video      
08/06/20 Study Session Packet       Minutes       Video      
07/23/20 Regular Meeting Packet       Minutes       Video      
07/09/20 Regular Meeting Packet       Minutes       Video      
07/02/20 Study Session Packet       Minutes       Video      
06/25/20 Regular Meeting Packet       Minutes       Video      
06/11/20 Regular Meeting Packet       Video       More...
06/04/20 Study Session Packet       Video       More...
05/28/20 Regular Meeting Packet       Video      
05/14/20 Regular Meeting Packet       Video       More...
05/07/20 05/07/2020 Study Session Packet       Video       More...
04/23/20 Regular Meeting Packet       Video       More...
04/09/20 Regular Meeting Minutes       Video      
04/02/20 Study Session Minutes       Video      
03/26/20 Regular Meeting Minutes       Video      
03/19/20 Special Meeting Minutes       Video      
03/12/20 Regular Meeting Minutes      
03/05/20 Study Session Minutes      
02/27/20 Regular Meeting Minutes      
02/13/20 Regular Meeting Minutes      
02/06/20 Study Session Minutes      
01/23/20 Regular Meeting Minutes      
01/09/20 Regular Meeting Minutes      
01/02/20 Study Session Minutes      

12/26/19 Regular Meeting Minutes      
12/19/19 Special Meeting Minutes      
12/12/19 Budget Session Minutes      
12/12/19 Regular Meeting Minutes      
12/05/19 Study Session Minutes      
11/26/19 Budget Session Minutes      
11/26/19 Regular Meeting Minutes      
11/14/19 Regular Meeting Minutes      
11/07/19 Study Session Minutes      
10/24/19 Joint PUC and City Meeting CANCELLED Minutes      
10/24/19 Regular Meeting Minutes      
10/10/19 Regular Meeting Minutes      
10/03/19 Study Session Minutes      
09/26/19 Regular Meeting Minutes      
09/19/19 Budget Session Minutes      
09/12/19 Budget Session Minutes      
09/12/19 Regular Meeting Minutes      
09/05/19 Study Session Minutes      
08/22/19 Regular Meeting Minutes      
08/15/19 Joint Meeting Minutes      
08/01/19 Study Session Minutes      
07/25/19 Regular Meeting Minutes      
07/11/19 Regular Meeting Minutes      
06/27/19 Regular Meeting Minutes      
06/13/19 Regular Meeting Minutes      
06/06/19 Study Session Minutes      
05/23/19 Regular Meeting Minutes      
05/09/19 Regular Meeting Minutes      
05/02/19 Study Session Minutes      
04/25/19 Regular Meeting Minutes      
04/11/19 Regular Meeting Minutes      
04/04/19 Study Session Minutes      
03/28/19 Regular Meeting Minutes      
03/14/19 Regular Meeting Minutes      
03/07/19 Study Session Minutes      
02/28/19 Regular Meeting Minutes      
02/14/19 Regular Meeting Minutes      
02/07/19 Study Session Minutes      
01/24/19 Regular Meeting Minutes      
01/10/19 Regular Meeting Minutes      
01/03/19 Study Session Minutes