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Example of a temporary ground sign. 
The following information is meant to serve as a summary of the sign regulations within the City of Princeton.  Please contact City Hall at 763-389-2040 with any questions or for more detailed information.

Permanent - Wall or Freestanding Signs

A permit is required prior to the installation of a new sign and/or updating of an existing sign.  New freestanding signs require review by the Planning Commission.

Temporary & Portable Ground Signs

Temporary and portable ground signs (commemorating a special event, business anniversary, grand opening, and other promotions) require a Temporary Sign Permit prior to placement. 

Sandwich Board Signs

Sandwich board signs are allowed without a permit, provided these guidelines are met:

  1. Only one sign per establishment per street frontage.
  2. Sign shall be located immediately in front of the establishment advertised.
  3. Size:  No more than 4 feet high; each face shall not exceed 6 square feet; and base of the sign shall not exceed 2 ft by 2 ft.
  4. Only allowed during the operating hours of the establishment.
  5. Shall be located perpendicular to and abutting the back of the curb.
  6. Shall not be located closer than 10 feet from any street or alley corner.
  7. Clear space on the sidewalk shall be maintained for pedestrians.
  8. Signs must be securely anchored.